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Costing – Basic website development cost

Are you into the planning phase of starting a website? and trying to understand the costing process to determine basic website development cost.


A website can be developed at no cost, yes website development cost $0, I mean for free; But that’s when you are not looking for any kind of direct revenue from your web site by means of Ad-revenue, Affiliate sales, or paid memberships.

Don’t expect any earnings if you are going to get a website built for free, because the truth is you get what you pay for. So website development cost should never be considered as $0.

How can you derive the estimated cost in the process of website development? Is there any hidden website development cost?

Like any construction site where one needs to have a strong foundation before constructing the building, similarly before building a website the two foundation factors are Domain Name and Web Hosting.

So, the minimum, you need to invest in is:

  • Cost of owning a domain name.
  • Cost of owning a web hosting space.

Domain Name Cost

Depending on the domain name type that you choose, the cost will vary from just $10 a year to hundreds or even millions! This is because different TLDs have a different value. And the domain name cost can go even higher if you opt for a premium domain name.

Web Hosting Cost

Website hosting cost is variable as well, based on the web hosting service provider and the type of hosting service. Shared hosting is the best and low-cost option, considering if you are just starting your website. But as and when the web traffic to your website grows, so will have to reconsider web hosting options to scale up as per demand and hence you will need to budget for the same.

Shared hosting can be as low as $50 per year, other web hosting options are VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server; these services on yearly basis can price up to over $1,000.

Getting a domain name and hosting service are the initial steps in the process. Now whats next? Let’s See!

Consider your website as an entity that will be visited via the domain name and will be hosted through the web hosting services that you are done purchasing.

WEBSITE = Web page (Web Designing) + Functionality (Web Programming)

Options for website designing:

  • Free Designs and Modules
  • Premium Of the shelf designs and modules
  • Custom Design and development

You can get off the shelf Free or Paid Premium Designs from various marketplaces available. Like Envato Market.

Talking about cost, a custom web design will cost you anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Hiring a good web designer can be challenging, again you have options to choose a web designing company or a freelancer.

Browse through some review sites which will help you find a good Web Design Company as per your need and budget. In case you are looking at hiring a freelancer then you can look through some known freelancing platforms.

Note: Most of the service providers will charge you in terms of Cost/Hour; Having a clear scope will help to estimate the hours of work needed and in turn the estimated cost.

Also, note that a custom design which is unique and as per industry standard will cost you more than an off the shelf solution.

So, design and functionality are two of the major aspects of website development.

Web content

Web content is another aspect of your website that you need to take care of and can’t ignore at any cost. So you have to fill in your website with content.

Web content => Images, Videos, Text.

You can write/create the website content all by yourself provided you have that time and skills to create engaging web content. If not then you can hire a professional content writer who can provide you with engaging web content. Professional content writing can cost you as little as $1 a page, up to $100 a page based on the writer’s skill set. It’s your decision considering your requirements in terms of quality content.

Similarly, you can do costing for video and image creation, in case you are not doing all the creatives by self. You can also look at media marketplaces where you can buy off the shelf media (Video clips and Images).

Consider having a budget of $500 to $1500 to have a decent quality of media files for your website.

Various options are available for you,  there is no single price for getting a new website developed. The price depends on your needs, expectations, and budget. Best is to decide on an overall budget that you can’t cross and set priorities about what expenses are the most important.

However you decide, you must remember that you get what you pay for.


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