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Get healthy Lungs in three Days

Lung cleansing process
Lung cleansing process

Toxins enter your lungs while you breathe and it’s obvious in this polluted environment. Another major possibility to inhale toxins is through active or passive smoking and over a period of time this will harm your lungs and eventually your health. For a chain smoker, if your one; your lungs are absorbing great amount of nicotine and tar this will result into lung cancer.

Getting rid of smoking habits won’t be simple but you’ll be able to cleanse your lungs from toxins which are inhaled and accumulated in your lungs.

This lung cleansing program is just for 3 days and you’ll have healthier lungs. These are simple and natural methods to clean your lungs from toxins which have entered your lungs due to active or passive smoking. An important notice to follow before you begin this cleansing program is, “you got to avoid the intake of any dairy products for 2 days”.

Day ONE:

  • Get up Early in the morning say around 5:30 AM.
  • Drink 500 ml of lukewarm water also if possible go for a 30 min walk come home and get fresh.

Let your day pass the normal way but if possible let it be a vegetarian day. Avoid non-veg food and say no to dairy products. Walk as much possible, avoid vehicle transport where every possible.  Have an early dinner, say around 8 PM.

IMORTANT: Drink herbal tea at night, before getting to bed. Doing this will pass the toxins all the way down to the intestines.

Day TWO:

  • Get up Early in the morning say around 5:30 AM.
  • Drink 500 ml of lukewarm water also if possible go for a 30 min walk come home and get fresh.

It’s going to be a day where your diet is going to have more juice in-take along with other vegetarian food of your choice. Have lemon juice squeezed in 300 ml of water. You also need to drink grapefruit juice or pineapple juice somewhere in the day, they are rich in anti-oxidants.

These anti-oxidants will help you have good respiration by removing the free radicals from your body system.

You will can take carrot juice of 300 ml for breakfast or lunch. Carrot Juice’s holds alkaline nature and will help in cleansing your blood. Even, cranberry juice of the same quantity will help you fight against infection or bacteria within the lungs.

While these juices work as anti-oxidants for you, it’s vital that you do proper.


  • Get up Early in the morning say around 5:30 AM.
  • Drink 500 ml of lukewarm water.
  • Let’s do 15 min of simple breathing exercise of inhaling and exhaling, possibly in open fresh air. While you sit on floor/ground with crossed legs and breath, do concentrate on how you feel while breathing. Let the inhale and exhale process happen comfortably and slowly.

Come home and its time to take a hot bath for twenty minutes. Sweat will run out of your body during hot bath letting toxins go out of your body.

You can also add 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water bowl and breathe the steam that comes out of the bowl, cover your head with clean towel so that the steam won’t escape. Breathing this steam will give you a good feel.

Let your day be normal, drink lot of water throughout the day, this will help you maintain required water level for your body and it will also help in having proper metabolic process.

So that’s all by end of day three, I am sure if you would follow the above said process you will have a better breathing experience and will have much healthy lungs.

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